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About the I-134

Watch this video to learn everything you want to know about I-134.

The I-134 “Declaration of Financial Support” is a non-binding, no-cost online form that is required by the US federal government before a Ukrainian is considered for humanitarian parole.

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We are the American Service.

This is our model.

Filing is a small but crucial piece of our model.

Filing allows the Department of Homeland Security to consider a Ukrainian family for humanitarian immigration to America.

Almost anyone in American can be a filer.

The form itself is very unique.

Its non-enforceability and non-binding status can be confusing.

It has been brought to the courts at least eight times.

Every time, it has been determined to be non-enforceable and non-binding.

The Department of Homeland Security only connects and reviews a Ukrainian family after an I-134 is filed.

All our families were approved to come through this process.

You can list a partnered nonprofit in the I-134.

You and a partnered nonprofit have a lot of resettlement needs consider.

You can choose to do it all yourself.

More often, you can find a nonprofit to share the load.

We’re unique in that we take 100% of resettlement responsibility.

It’s how our model works. Filing is important, but it’s not what our resettlement work relies on for continued support.

We need a lot of filers.

Each filer can file for several people, depending on income.

There are some who will never help. There are some with more questions, which they can find the answers to. For the people who are ready to go, let’s do this!

You will need three attachments/proofs.

Send us an email as soon as you have these three proofs. We’ll send you biodata and an instructional video on how to file.

We are always here to help.

The American Service is a DBA of the American Service in Ukraine,
a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
1000 5th St SE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414
EIN 88-3464025