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About the American Service

The American Service began in western Ukraine in March 2022.

In response to the Russian attack on Ukraine — and the humanitarian crisis it caused — the American Service began in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv to facilitate humanitarian immigration to the United States. The founders were Aswar Rahman, an American businessman, and Misha*, a Ukrainian interpreter and humanitarian worker. 

Last names of Ukrainian nationals are often withheld for safety reasons.

The American Service has established an unique model of employment-supported resettlement.

Based in the Twin Cities metro of Minnesota in the United States, the American Service pioneered an employment-supported model for humanitarian parolees, that combines initial housing, well-paying jobs, and transportation, to circumvent charity services and plug newcomers right into the American economy.

We provide housing.

Our housing is heavily discounted, and tied into our employment program.

We provide jobs.

All of our jobs pay middle-class wages, with full benefits, even to Ukrainians with low English fluency.

We provide transportation.

We make sure our people have a way to get to and from work, as well as get all the essentials they need.

We connect to community.

We are blessed to have such wonderful people and organizations working to support our Ukrainian newcomers.

The American Service is a DBA of the American Service in Ukraine,
a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
1000 5th St SE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414
EIN 88-3464025