Our Employment-Supported Resettlement Model

The American Service’s Employment-Supported Resettlement model begins with outreach to diaspora communities through word-of-mouth and advertisements.

Interested people then approach our overseas “national offices” to enroll in our English Language Centers. Enrolled people are then processed, vetted, and hopefully approved for filing with the US federal government. 

After government approval, we help arrange plane travel, and pick up our beneficiaries at their arrival airport.

We provide initial housing, job placement, financial training, and a pathway to independent housing. Independent housing marks the completion of our model, though American Service provides follow-up check-ins, to ensure that our beneficiaries are continuing to succeed.

We provide housing.

Our housing is heavily discounted, and tied into our employment program.

We provide jobs.

All of our jobs pay middle-class wages, with full benefits, even to Ukrainians with low English fluency.

We provide transportation.

We make sure our people have a way to get to and from work, as well as get all the essentials they need.

We connect to community.

We are blessed to have such wonderful people and organizations working to support our Ukrainian newcomers.

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