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Let’s file! First, gather your three proofs…

#1 — Proof of citizenship or legal residence.

This could be a copy/scan of any of the following:
the bio page of your US passport  
OR your US birth certificate 
OR your naturalization certificate 
OR a scan of valid US visa, if you are a non-US citizen.


#2 — Proof of financial stability.

This could be:
the “offer letter” for your current job, that confirms your (1) job title, (2) start date, and (3) salary
OR a simple statement from your supervisor that confirms your title, start date, and salary (here’s a template)
OR proof of financial assets, such as statements of stock holdings and/or savings accounts and/or retirement savings and/or other assets.

If you are retired, then only focus on that last item, and demonstrate that you are able to financially support yourself in retirement.

#3 — Proof you pay taxes.

This should be a copy of your most recent IRS tax return.

After you email us…

We will send you biodata for a Ukrainian to file for, and an instructional video. Here’s a preview of that video!

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