Successes (so far)

100% of our families that arrived in 2022 have gained independent housing.

We view independent housing as the main indicator of financial self-sufficiency in the early stages of resettlement. The fact that every one of our families who arrived in 2022 has signed a lease in their own name is our biggest achievement.

We have secured well-paying, benefits-included employment opportunities for every arriving Ukrainian in 2023.

We are even able to get these opportunities for Ukrainians with low English fluency. Each job pays a middle-class salary, which is absolutely transformative for our families coming out of refugee status.

We have built a multinational team that is ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

2023 is going to test our mettle, and we couldn’t be happier than to have the team we have now. With an office in Wrocław, Poland, and Saint Paul, Minnesota, and with staff members inside of Ukraine, we are uniquely positioned to overcome these upcoming challenges.

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